Large consumer loan overview with new loans

Quick loans where competition has become so intense that consumers have been given far better conditions. Directly translated, this means that you as a consumer today experience much lower interest rates, more flexible repayment terms and faster payment to your account. It is no secret that competition among consumer loan ( more… )

Home Loans Immediately

Useful tips if you have difficulty with home loans. You have a problem with home loan? With us you will find the right answer. Useful hints if you have problems with home loans. You would like to take out a loan because you need to finance required or urgent items ( more… )

What is the loan amount with which income?

Therefore, pay attention to the smallest possible loan amount. Go to What loan amounts are possible? Current income; desired credit data (term, loan amount). The table includes both metric (loan amount, income and age) and categorical characteristics (grade, housing, duration of employment and interest rate). There is a possibility in ( more… )

We are not so worried about the financial crisis

According to a survey done without Good Finance, we Swedes are actually not so dangerously worried about a financial crisis. Most Swedes are not worried at all and only a few are very worried. Despite quite large turbulence on the stock exchange, few have sold their shares. Thoughts on the ( more… )

Financial Independence

When it comes to investing money, we have to look where we want to go. It is like football. He has to run where the ball goes. Do not send the pass to where it was, because I already started, put it in front, where I am going. When you ( more… )